At Columbia Retail Management, we believe that a proactive approach to retail property leasing delivers the best results.  This strategy involves developing a full understanding of the overall market and the subject property’s place within the market.  We work with our clients to develop a long term marketing strategy that matches the owner's objectives.  We then implement that strategy with a targeted marketing program on a national, regional and local level.  At CRM, we understand that leasing is not about putting any potential tenant that comes along into a property, its about marketing the property to the right kinds of complementary uses and maintaining the correct mix and quality of tenants in order to maximize the long term success of the shopping center. 

Being the most active grocery anchored developer over the past three decades has given us a unique perspective on what it takes to lease a neighborhood shopping center.  Our goal at CRM is not to compete with the big leasing firms that cover huge territories.  You will not see our sign on two competing centers on the same intersection.  Despite what some will say, leasing is a very market specific skill, which requires leg work and on-the-ground local market knowledge.  We know that where neighborhood shopping centers are concerned, leasing value is added by understanding the intricacies of the neighborhoods within two or three miles of the property.  Most agents have access to nationally recognizable retail tenants, but the true value is added with connections to local retailers and franchisees; this is where Columbia's advantage lies.  Our 30+ years of experience gives us specific knowledge of the trade areas as well as an intimate connection with local tenants.